Perfectly Sane

Project Title: Perfectly Sane

Project Type: Short Film

Status: Post Production

Director: Koumbie

Writer: Taylor Olson

Producer: Taylor Olson, Koumbie, Victor Stegemann, Mike Velemirovich

Cinematographer: Victor Stegemann

Editor: Graeme Pass

Cast: Taylor Olson

Synopsis: A man with bi-polar disorder struggles to decipher whether he needs his medication, and whether or not he is sane.

Country: Canada

Hustle & Heart


Project Title: Hustle & Heart

Project Type: Short Film

Status: Completed

Director: Koumbie

Writer: Taylor Olson

Producer: Jake Ivany

Cinematogrsapher: Chelsea Comeau

Editor: Chris Fudge

Cast: Taylor Olson, Nathan Simmons, Adrian Bromfield.

Synopsis: Hunter makes the high school football team as the back-up quarterback but things get tense when hist first pass is aimed at the star.

Awards: Best Atlantic Short at the Atlantic Film Festival.

Country: Canada

Ariyah & Tristan’s Inevitable Break-Up

A & T poster

Project Title: Ariyah & Tristan’s Inevitable Break-up

Project Type: Feature Film

Status: Completed

Director: Koumbie

Writer: Taylor Olson & Koumbie

Producer: Taylor Olson & Koumbie

Cinematographer: Paul McCurdy

Editor: Colin MacDonald

Cast: Taylor Olson & Koumbie

Synopsis: Ariyah, an ambitious young animator, reluctantly gets involved with a club photographer, Tristan. The film follows the couple as they struggle through the ups and downs of a modern romance and an unplanned pregnancy.

Country: Canada

Horizontal Concavity

Project Title: Horizontal Concavity

Project Type: AFCOOP Film5

Status: Pre Production

Director: Koumbie

Writer:  Koumbie

Producer: Kevin Hartford

Cinematographer: Paul McCurdy

Editor: Colin MacDonald

Cast: Taylor Olson, Adrian Choong, Juanita Peters

Synopsis: With the help of his therapist, a young man struggling with depression and anxiety finds himself at a party where he discovers he may not be as alone as he feels.

Country: Canada

About Koumbie & Taylor


Past – Born and raised in Halifax, NS, Koumbie has been passionate about the arts her entire life. As a dancer at The Maritime Conservatory and then at Halifax Dance, she reached the intensive training program level 3 before leaving to focus on the drama club at her school. There she played roles ranging from Juliet to Shylock and won the Castalia Award for excellence in performing arts. Koumbie spent a year in Montreal at Concordia University in the Theatre and Development program before leaving and moving to Toronto to pursue a career in the real world.

Present – Currently splitting her time between Halifax and Toronto, Koumbie has gone behind the camera and started directing. In 2015 she wrote and directed her first short film, Message Deleted, which premiered in Toronto at the ReelWorld Film Festival. Since then her focus has shifted from acting to directing and in the last year Koumbie has directed two more short films, a feature film, and an episode of broadcast television that will air in 2017. In this same year she has been in reoccurring roles on the TV series Sex & Violence, and Mr. D.

Future – Koumbie has a number of projects in development with her filmmaking partner Taylor Olson, including a short film about an alien with depression and a webseries about road-tripping through Nova Scotia, and writing a feature version of their award winning short ‘Hustle & Heart’.






The Past

Born May 12th 1992 in  British Columbia, Canada,  Taylor is a graduate of the 2014 Dalhousie Acting Program, where he studied acting, singing and dancing. Taylor was the recipient of Dalhousie University’s Andrew and David Stitt Award which is awarded annually to a student entering the third year of the Acting Programme who has shown promise in, and passion for, acting. He was also rewarded the Richardson’s Performing Arts Scholarship for a promise in a professional career in acting in his fourth year.

The Last Three Years

Since finishing at Dalhousie, Taylor has been in T.V., Film , and Theatre.

As a theatre creator Taylor has produced:  Heavy his solo show, focused on body image and mental health, as well as,  Red Fish  which he co-wrote with Rachel Hastings, a comedy about depression.

Acting in film and tv is Taylor’s passion and he’s been lucky enough to work on a number of local projects, such as:  Pure the new CBC tv drama; Halloween Party a feature film by Jay Dahl; Black Cop a feature film by Cory Bowles.; Afraid to Speak a feature film by Dillon Garland;  the feature film Noon Gun by Caley MacLennan  for which he won Gold the Coast’s Best of Halifax award 2015;  Thom Fitzgerald’s mini-series Sex and Violence (OutTv);  Iain MacLeod’s feature film comedy Your Money or Your Wife ;  the feature film comedy Know What I’m Sayin’? which he also wrote and directed;  Ariyah & Tristan’s Inevitable Break up an Afro Viking feature film he co wrote and starred in with Koumbie; the feature film You Ruined Our Life! by Iain MacLeod; Haven (Syfy/ Showcase); their award winning short Hustle & Heart, and several other short projects.

The Now

Taylor started to write as a way to act, but the bug caught him and he is now writing steadily. Currently he is writing the feature length version of Hustle & Heart and has a number of other projects at different stages with Koumbie.

Taylor is looking to act, and collaborate as often as possible.